About Me

Julia Wagener, born in 1985

I like hot chocolate.

I also enjoy sushi, cats, the number 13, and the Tempelhofer Field.
One thing I particularly enjoy is the sound of stepping on the little caps of acorns and hearing them burst when walking through my street in autumn.
I received my first analog compact camera for my 6th birthday. I never learned how to properly load the film because it broke after intense use. At 8, I was allowed to use my father's cherished Canon AE-1 for the first time. Eleven years later, I embarked on the long journey to Berlin with it in my luggage. To this day, I call this wonderful city my home.

Along the way, I've explored many paths. Some took me away from photography, while others brought me back. I studied fashion, briefly had a small label, eventually lost myself in graphic design, and then rediscovered photography. But I've always remained true to myself and my creativity.

I'm eager to learn to discover new things or perspectives. I appreciate beauty and aesthetics and want to share my view of the world with others to make it a more beautiful place.
Behind the camera, I occasionally try things I've never tried before. Sometimes I lose track of time. And if things get too exciting, I simply make myself a hot chocolate.


About Photography

In photography, it's all about light and time. It's about being in the right place at the right time with the right light.

I'm particularly fascinated by capturing time and light to create new impressions that wouldn't be possible to experience without the camera. Everything in motion leaves its traces, until it becomes unrecognizable or disappears: water turns into mist, clouds into streaks in the sky, people dissolve.

For me, these images exude a special calmness. A calmness that is also needed during the shoots, early in the morning for sunrise, late in the evening for sunset, with exposure times of up to 10 minutes.
Long exposures are only possible with neutral density filters. These are attached to the lens and reduce the amount of light - like sunglasses.

Naturally, a major focus is on my Berlin series. The focal point, my home. Some time ago, I was struck by the idea of capturing some of the landmarks of my city, keeping only the essential.
But from time to time, I also venture further afield, always with my camera in tow, in search of good moments. It's not just the images that remain. Each one has its own story that I can't forget.

I like symmetry, timeless shots, showing typically overcrowded places as deserted, distant places, my city.

Of course, not all my pictures are long exposures. On the contrary, some capture movements in a fraction of a second, frozen so that the eye can perceive them. A flutter of wings, a cheetah in mid-leap, a water droplet in a fountain.

But also everything in between.

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