I Like Hot Chocolate.

I also like sushi, cats, the number 13 and the abandoned airfield of Tempelhof in Berlin.
Most of all, I like this sound in fall when I walk down my street and step on these small acorn caps, making them burst.
On my sixth birthday I got my first analogue compact camera. I have never learned how to properly load a film, as the camera cracked after some heavy usage before I could figure this out. When I was eight years old, I was allowed to use my dad's well-guarded Canon AE-1 for the first time. Eleven years later, this very camera accompanied me when I moved to Berlin.

I am always looking for new perspectives and hungry for knowledge, as there is always something new to learn. I love beauty and aesthetics and want to share my view of the world with others to make it a more beautiful place.
When I'm behind my camera, every once in a while I try out something new that I have never done before - sometimes even losing my sense of time while doing that. And if things become too exciting, I'd just prepare myself a hot chocolate.

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